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After a Website Migration, 80% of all websites lose traffic.

Website Migration can be daunting. Not only because of the amount of work that goes into them, but also because of the risk they pose to your SEO and data.

Our web development team focuses on migrating websites in an SEO friendly manner, ensuring that your website does not lose organic visibility or ranking in the process. We provide a full range of migration services including:

CVWORLD is a team of Ecommerce Development, website design, SEO, landing page Creation and so on. We are the experts in the interconnectivity of digital efforts. We believe these talents work together to give an effective and efficient website Migration service.
Our employees are well trained and they can bring expertise and personalized solutions to your specific setup.
Website Migration are massive projects, and our team has completed hundreds of them successfully. Allow us to handle the heavy lifting of your next website migration to alleviate your stress and ensure that your website is migrated efficiently and effectively.

What does website migration Services mean actually?

A website Migration involves significant changes to its URL, structure, content, UX, design or platform. It could be anything from updating your website layout to changing the URL structure or migrating your website to a new domain or content management system (CMS).

Some of the types of website migration

Protocol shift

For example, switching from HTTP to HTTPS.

Server shift

Move entire website from one server to another server

Changes to the subdomain or subfolder

certain areas of its website into subdomains or subfolders, which is common in international SEO.

Change of domain name

Generally, when a company Rebrands and moves from one domain to another.

Change of top-level domain name

When a company launches international websites and needs to transition from one country code top level domains to generic top-level domains.

Changes to website structure

website architecture changes that may have an impact on internal linking and URL structure.

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