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Innovative, responsive WordPress Blog design to assist clients in building a scalable business. If your company has yet to reap the benefits of blogging, it is time to set up a WordPress Blog.

Why use a WordPress Blog?

WordPress powers 35% of all websites on the internet. Users appreciate the platform’s free themes and abundance of plugins. The installation goes smoothly, and customer service is readily available. There are no better reasons to use WordPress to build your blog or website.

Page Traffic has been assisting clients in establishing an online presence on WordPress. We can create a design that is appropriate for your brand. Whether it’s a parallax design of a blog with multiple pages. Simply share your opinion and your trust in our experience and expertise.

The WordPress blog creation process

Creating a WordPress blog is a step-by-step process. Here is an overview of the procedure we use:


Your WordPress blogs heart and soul is its design. We understand the client’s needs and come up with design concept that are consistent with their brand image. To avoid rework sand to expedite turnaround time, the team ensure that every design detail is shared with the client.


A blog or website would be incomplete without content. Depending on the requirements and budget, we can upload clients existing content or create new content for the website.

Installation of plugins

Plugins extend the functionality of a website. Plugins help us with everything from integrating social media accounts to adding subscription pop-ups to setting up the payment process.

We use both a free and paid plugin depending on the features that clients want on their websites and the needs of their business.

Services for WordPress Blog Design

Here is a sample of the WordPress blog design services we provide:

Business blog on WordPress

Allow us to create a business WordPress blog for you if you want new and inexperienced entrepreneurs to look to you for ideas, solutions and more.

WordPress Blog for personal use

Do you want a place to write down your thoughts and share them with the world? We can assist you in setting up a personal WordPress blog.

WordPress Blog for professionals

When your company requires a platform to showcase its expertise, there is no better way than to set up a professional WordPress blog. We would be delighted to assist you in the same way.

WordPress promotional blog

If your company frequently runs promotions, why not create a promotional blog to showcase all the offerings in one place?  We will offer you a better package for creating your promotional blog in WordPress.

WordPress Branding Blog

Spreading the word about your brand increases its credibility and attract new customers. Use a WordPress blog to get the job done. We have a better package to create your own branding blog in the WordPress website.

The benefits of page traffic WordPress design

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